It would be wishful thinking to believe that governments will supply endless amounts of financial aid to the airline industry. Even the funds paid out so far have not been enough to overcome the aviation industry's high fixed costs. COVID has also severely impacted many other related industries including hospitality and tourism which are also demanding government support. Instead of just providing funds directly, governments would be better off focusing on ways to get as many people back in the air as possible, such as the continued development of bilateral or multilateral travel bubbles like the trans-Tasman corridor between Australia and New Zealand and the Singapore-Hong Kong route. Increased testing, as well as uniform testing protocols, would help mitigate safety concerns associated with opening borders to more travelers. A passenger from New Zealand arrives their website at Sydney Airport on Oct. 16 after the trans-Tasman travel bubble opened.   © Reuters Looking ahead, further airline restructuring cannot be put off any longer. The faster that different airlines can be restructured, the more quickly things can be reset to a business model that can accommodate the current dynamics. Many airlines themselves have been practicing self-help, and not just waiting for government handouts.


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